Friday, December 14, 2007


Sorry it's been so long- here are some recent pictures of Elijah.
We were pretty excited to try out the "Johhny Jumper" and the "Excersaucer." He seems like such a big boy now!! He's grabbing at EVERYTHING, and he wants to stick it all in his mouth. He smiles at anyone who will talk to him- what a sweetheart we have!!

I had to include a picture with his daddy's new "do"...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Costume Fun!!

Here are some pics of the boys in their costumes: a Honey Bear, Eeyore, and a Chili Pepper

Incidently, the same day I got their costumes, I also got them snow boots. I had to bribe them to put on their costumes by telling them they could wear their boots, too.
They were totally checking themselves out in the mirror. I'm sure they thought they looked pretty good!!

On the afternoon of the 31st, we took them to Michael's office and showed them off. A few of the guys didn't have candy so they gave Asher a plastic car (a woody!!) and Josiah got this rubbery frisbee with a flashing light inside.
That night we got some free ice cream at Sonic then we headed to an inside carnival at a nearby church. It was a pretty fun day!

Apple Days continued...

Here are a couple more pics from Apple Days out at Ft. Riley, KS.
Here we are celebrating Michael's 20th birthday... just kidding. He turned 29 this year!! Shauna made a cake, brought it in with candles lit and all the kids blew them out as he was taking a deep breath in. It was classic.

This is the helicopter. I know next to nothing nothing about military vehicles and such so I can't tell you the name of this thing or what it does. It had the capability for parachuting, though. it was very cool inside!

Here's Josiah peeking out of a tank. Minutes later Asher and Josiah broke out into a fist fight- LITERALLY- and I took this picture of Michael. He actually had to crawl up on top of the tank to remove Asher because the officer (in the picture) couldn't get them to stop swinging... nice, huh?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Trip to Ft. Riley

Here are a few pictures from our recent trip to Ft. Riley. I took the boys out there to visit their cousins while Michael was in Colorado. They had so much fun together!

The family picture was taken at "Apple Days" at Ft. Riley. It was pretty cool. Their were tanks out for the kids to go inside and a big helicopter that we walked through.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Colorado Trip

Yes, it's true! I'm blogging again (the second time in 2 days- woo hoo) I can't stop now...

Ok, so I went to Colorado and had a fabulous time. The weather was incredible and I got to see most of my favorite people all in in one trip.

Here's Eli and Grandpa Marty. He got to meet both Grammy and Grandpa Marty for the first time!

Elijah is sooo strong- Here he is working on his push-ups for Grammy and grandpa! Steady... Steady...

I love this picture of Elijah and Grandma Jackie. It's one of the only pictures I have where she's not giving him lots and lots of kisses on his face!

One of the highlights of my trip was seeing my Grandma Elsie. Mom, Christy, Michelle and I packed up the cars and drove out to Glenwood Springs to visit her for one night. It was great catching up with her and having her meet Eli for the first time. Jake and Justin came along, too, so they entertained us by crawling around and playing in the living room.

This is my adorable nephew, Justin. Yes- that's number 4 of the Claycamp baby clan (That's a brave mom, if you asked me. Way to go, Christy!!)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Baby Elijah

Ok, so I've been a horrible Blogger, I admit it!! Here are some really cute pictures to make up for it!

Michael was playing around with some black and white film- he's getting pretty good, considering how difficult it is to capture 2 toddlers and a newborn...


I promise to do more soon! Keep an eye out for pictures from our trip to Colorado!

Monday, June 25, 2007


Here are two pictures from Josiah's first fishing outing with Daddy. Michael bought Josiah a Lightening McQueen fishing pole last week and was very eager to take him out to fish. He ended up taking both of the boys to South Lake Park, right here in town, for a few hours.

Josiah caught a fish on the first cast!!

Apparently Michael had to work with him a little to get these pictures because while Josiah was holding onto the line, the fish started wiggling and he freaked out. Josiah threw down the pole and backed away, saying "You fish with Asher now, Daddy!!"

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sign 'em up for Soccer because it's Official!

Yep, you got it! As of Saturday, June 16, we are proud owners of a 2003 Mazda MPV!


I know, you probably didn't think we'd do it (well, maybe you did, I don't know). I didn't think we'd actually do it, but we didn't have many other favorable options. Only last week, Michael snuck down to the garage and tried strapping in 2 carseats and an infant carrier seat in the back seat of the Subaru. Apparently it was such a tight fit that he couldn't get the car doors closed.
The next day he went at looked at a minivan. I was pretty surprised at how quickly we found this one. If you know Michael, you know he's been researching this purchase for quite some time, in every imaginable source. He knew how much we could spend, and he was ready to haggle- and he sure did! I'm grateful because we got a great deal on a great car. And now I'm not as nervous to go into labor, knowing that our WHOLE family can drive home in one car!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Birthday Tribute to Diane- One of My Favorite People in the Whole World!

In honor of Diane Wiebe, I'm devoting this entire blog entry to her! I want everyone to know how wonderful I think she is and how thankful I am that she was born that 18th day of June in 1980... Happy Birthday, silly girl!

How do I love Thee, Diane? Let me Count the Ways- with a TOP TEN LIST!!!

1. Diane is an incredibly unique gift from God! She is my dear friend, my sister in Christ, and a fellow soldier in the trenches of motherhood!
What a fabulous family!!

Ooh, look at those hotties!

I loved having a prego buddy and then going through the new baby phase with Diane. We ate french fries, complained about nausea, nursed our babies and the rest is history...

2. Diane loves games... Talking Tango (?), Carcassonne, Cranium, Sharades... I've seen her gently coerce many a guest into playing some sort of organized fun when she's entertaining. She's such a good sport, too, she'll even play my generic version of Balderdash (and she doesn't get mad when I can't get read a single definition without laughing so hard I cry and pee my pants).

Ooh, look at those poker faces. Sometimes game nights can a little intense... It's a good thing we can have a nice glass of wine and drink it through a twizzler!

3. Diane is THE queen of picture-taking... I've never noticed anyone's camera begin to physically attach itself to the flesh of a person, but I'm pretty that thing has become her extra limb. She's taken more pictures in the 3 years I've known her than I've taken my 30 years of living (and I'm darn thankful, because I know that any major event in my life is covered if Diane knows about it).

4. Diane is FUN!!! I just love being around this girl- what can I say???

5. Diane has an incredible gift of hospitality... She was the second person I met here in Kansas City (after she called me and asked if she, Chris and Jonah could come over and meet us. we still have the plant she gave us that day...)
She has shown me what it looks like to open up my life and my home to other people. She welcomed me to Kansas, then to the church we love so much, then she introduced me to (pretty much) everyone that I know now.
If you've ever heard of people having 7 degrees of separation- well, when you know Diane, it's like there are only 2 degrees of separation because the girl knows EVERYONE!!!!

This is a picture we took with the Teradas. We met their family at Chris and Diane's house, shortly after Ken, Adrienne, and Isaac moved here from Oregon. She invited them over so they could meet some other people in the area- now our families are great friends! Go, Diane, Go! You are the Networking Master!

6. Diane has one of the most contagious laughs I've ever heard! I can't help but smile (or laugh with her) when her natural joy just bubbles right up.

7. Diane is a bit of an organizational nerd... She always has multiple to-do lists going on (most of them are typed). I've never met anyone who has a master list of all her other lists (which are all organized on her computer in some fancy layout)

8. Diane is a graphic design whiz... She has the ability to make a bunch of words look really, really good on a piece of paper. She also puts me to shame with how quickly she can arrange and whip out a two-page scrapbook layout (she can finish a whole album before I'm done with a page).

9. Diane loves food as much as I do... talking about when we get to eat next, who has the best waffle fries (Back Yard Burger), the best chocolate sprinkles (Sheridans), the best cheap coffee drink (Quick Trip), the best dessert (the "Chocolate Bag" at McCormick & Schmicks or that chocolate mousse brownie thing at that nice restaurant) Now I'm too hungry to concentrate...

10. Diane is playful, spontaneous, and energetic... She has shown me how fun it is to really play with my kids and to laugh with them (not to mention how to laugh at myself-- A LOT!) She has taught me that it is perfectly acceptable to routinely break into song, dance, even chant- all for the sake of sanity and fun. My favorites: "Crank those Crankies out," "The Birdies are Sleeping,"and "The Bang Bubble."

Talk about spontaneous- this picture was taken at a Royal's baseball game that Diane insisted we go to because it was cold, we have toddlers, and we never do anything like this (because it's crazy). Did we go? YES! Did we love it? YES!!!!!!


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

From China with Love

Yes! We finally got it, the long awaited care package from Chris and Diane... Okay, so maybe Michael and I are the only ones who knew it was coming- that's alright; we're sharing with everyone else anyway because it was too fun to keep a secret.
The boys were ecstatic about the "split pants" outfits they received because all the kids in China wear these. (They're pants with an open crotch section) You never have to take them to a bathroom, just have 'em squat right where they are and you're in business- or they're in business, I should say... Michael and I were seriously thinking that these little wonders could potty train Josiah AND Asher in like a week! Even Baby Goss received a split pants set of his own. What a treat!

We were delighted to find yummy treats all the way from the streets of a true Chinese market. Michael was so eager to eat, he started gnawing on those chicken feet before taking the wrapper off. Mmmmm-Mmmm!

We couldn't leave out the infamous "Fashion Socks," either! They're all the rage in China (women and men, I need to add) Even Michael found a delightful pair that fit comfortably on his feet. They are quite the surprise, I do have to say. We put them on thinking it would be fun to take a picture of how silly we looked, then we realized we both had been wearing them the whole night- with dinner guests to see them! They are pretty cool!

Chris and Diane- you're the BEST!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Deanna Rose Farmstead

As part of Asher's birthday weekend, Shauna and I took the kids to the Deanna Rose Farmstead, a wonderful outdoor adventure for little people- and it's totally free!! They fed goats, walked with butterflies, and saw all sorts of other animals.

It was a gorgeous day that started out cool then warmed up enough to play in the water. After all that splashing around, the boys pants were sopping wet all the way up to their thighs- I don't think they noticed...