Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Birthday Blast

We splurged for Josiah's birthday and bought him a 7' by 7' inflatable "Mega Bouncer." Michael took it out of the box (for the first time) about 15 minutes before his party. Luckily, it worked just fine. We waited until all of his guests arrived then turned it on- IN THE LIVING ROOM!
Other than being loud, it was actually not as chaotic as we thought it would be. We allowed 3-4 kids in at a time, and Michael had a timer so that they each jumped the same amount of time. It was all very organized, if I do say so myself.

In case you can't tell from the picture, only the oldest boys in our playgroup were invited to this party: Oliver, Nathan, Will, Josh, and Kaleb.
(Ellie and Andrew were the exception because their family- and Ellie can hold her own!!)
Baby Ezra came along, too, but he was too sleepy to do any jumping (:

All three of my boys enjoyed the confetti cupcakes I made. Josiah had a great idea for getting hyper really fast:- Lick off frosting, Hand cupcake to adult, Repeat. If you look closely you can see the frosting residue on Asher's mouth, as well as the cupcake liner in Michael's hand. They were pretty tasty...

This is a picture of me and my nephew, Jake. One of the highlights from the party- and one of THE BEST surprises of my life- was having him be a part of Josiah's special day. About 1/2 hour before the party started, the doorbell rang. I was frantically running around, so when I heard the door I panicked. Michael nonchalantly says, "Hmm, it's early." I open the door and My sister, Michelle, is standing there on the porch with Jake. I was in total shock so I just said, "What are you doing?" "We're here for the party," she says...

Well, to make a long story short, she drove to Kansas City the night before with a friend from Topeka, then flew back to Colorado the next day. I was sooo thrilled that she was able to meet some of the moms (and boys) from our playgroup. We took her to church the next morning, too, so she met all of our wonderful friends from Veritas (our Adult Sunday School Class). After church the two of us were able to escape for a few hours for some sister time- of course I took her to the Plaza! We ate lunch on the patio, basked in the sun, and chatted about life. Ahhhhh
What a perfect conclusion to a perfect weekend!

Well, we can't talk about the party without mentioning some of the fun presents Josiah received. Can you say, "CARS????" I guess this movie is pretty popular among our group of boys because he sure got a lot of them. I feel good knowing that I'm learning all the important characters in this heartwarming story. It was a little embarrassing when we were playing and Josiah corrected me for calling one of the cars by the wrong name. All I could remember was that there were two Italian cars, so I just decided they were Mario and Luigi... (For the record, I do know now that his name is Guido!)

Grandma Jackie sent a very cool floor puzzle that Josiah is working hard on. We just have to clear out the whole living room to provide enough space to get the whole truck together!

Another hit was the Farm Play-Do set from Grammy and Grandpa Marty. As you can see from the picture, both boys were concentrating very hard to get all the pieces out to play. I'm amazed that even Asher's attention is held for over 20 minutes playing with this set!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Catching Up with Cousins...

Shauna, Ellie and Andrew came out to visit just before Josiah's birthday, and the boys had so much fun with them!

On Friday afternoon we packed them up in the mini-van and headed to the Kansas City Zoo.
They had to show their cousins our new favorite treat- the train ride! What a hit...

A Visit from Grandma Janice and Grandad

Asher and Josiah just loved having Grandma and Grandad here! Jan and Janice stayed with us for a few days during their "Kansas Family Tour." (March 16)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Play Group

In a desperate attempt to enjoy the first decent day of weather, our playgroup met on a Wednesday morning at Antioch Park (Thursday's forecast had rain...)
2 moms joined us for the first time with their first babies (boys, of course!!) Please welcome Ian and Charlie!!!

Some highlights from our morning at the park:

Oliver ran away and climbed up on the stone ledge (the one with the POND right below it) and did a little high wire trapeze walking. No, he did not fall in, thanks to an incredibly fast walking Lauren...

The boys were feeding the geese (a bag of granola, courtesy of Josh) . This was not thrilling enough so they decided to dump it on the ground first, then throw it at them. When the excitement of this method faded, they turned their attention to a helpless and hungry Asher, who ate the granola out of their hands (the hands that just picked up the granola from the ground). Probably had a little goose poop mixed in there, too.


These are a couple pictures of Josiah working with Daddy. You might not believe it, but Josiah actually loosened the screws on the door all by himself. I wonder if he has "The Knack?!?!"