Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Birthday Fun

first on the birthday agenda: SILLY STRING!!

I snuck up on the boys in the living room before Josiah opened a few presents and sprayed them like crazy. First they screamed for about 5 seconds then ran toward me wanting a turn. It was a hit!

We had a little bowling party for Josiah the next day. He invited 3 of his buddies (and Asher)- They made it through one game after an hour and a half. They all did a great job.

ahh, the cookie cake... it's a brilliant idea. I'm pretty sure Josiah liked it, too.

I was really happy that a few of the Dad's stayed to keep Michael company. Krista stayed so I got to hang out with a friend, too!

Here's Meredith with her "power roll." You can see how her ball got some serious air time. It must be mentioned that she only used the ramp a few times, then we had to let her loose! There's Oliver with a running approach. He was the only one who landed a strike that morning! Nathan was so powerful he had to stop himself from flying down the lane. And of course, there's Asher testing the limits ("I know mom and dad said not to walk on that part, but how slippery could it really be...").
and the final results... Josiah didn't win, but he was a pretty good sport about it (I think cake and presents helped...)

Fun Stuff

Ok, so the boys loooooove Star Wars. The first pic is Josiah posing with his newest addition to his star wars lego collection- the "walker." You can see he's saying, "Star Wars!!" with much enthusiasm.
The second picture is Asher (for those of you who don't know him very well, this is a huge smile for Asher). He was so proud of the 8-headed Star wars guy he made. I think he even got an R2 D2 head on there...

I am proud to admit that I have enrolled my boys into a gymnastics class. Oh, in case you can't tell which ones are mine, they are the only ones NOT wearing pink leotards... ha ha
They actually love the class! They listen fairly well, and they are pretty coordinated. I hope this video works!