Thursday, November 1, 2007

Costume Fun!!

Here are some pics of the boys in their costumes: a Honey Bear, Eeyore, and a Chili Pepper

Incidently, the same day I got their costumes, I also got them snow boots. I had to bribe them to put on their costumes by telling them they could wear their boots, too.
They were totally checking themselves out in the mirror. I'm sure they thought they looked pretty good!!

On the afternoon of the 31st, we took them to Michael's office and showed them off. A few of the guys didn't have candy so they gave Asher a plastic car (a woody!!) and Josiah got this rubbery frisbee with a flashing light inside.
That night we got some free ice cream at Sonic then we headed to an inside carnival at a nearby church. It was a pretty fun day!

Apple Days continued...

Here are a couple more pics from Apple Days out at Ft. Riley, KS.
Here we are celebrating Michael's 20th birthday... just kidding. He turned 29 this year!! Shauna made a cake, brought it in with candles lit and all the kids blew them out as he was taking a deep breath in. It was classic.

This is the helicopter. I know next to nothing nothing about military vehicles and such so I can't tell you the name of this thing or what it does. It had the capability for parachuting, though. it was very cool inside!

Here's Josiah peeking out of a tank. Minutes later Asher and Josiah broke out into a fist fight- LITERALLY- and I took this picture of Michael. He actually had to crawl up on top of the tank to remove Asher because the officer (in the picture) couldn't get them to stop swinging... nice, huh?