Sunday, October 26, 2008


These are pictures we took this past weekend. We went on a Hayride out at Shawnee Mission Park with some of our friends and their kids and had a great night. A big tractor pulled all 25 of us around the park for about an hour then we stopped for roasted hot dogs and smores.

Oliver and Josiah couldn't help themselves from doing anything they could think of to make each other laugh.

I was glad it was cold enough to snuggle!!!!

This is Lauren and I sipping apple cider and keeping warm by the campfire.

Elijah's Dedication

Here are some pictures from Elijah's dedication at church. He did really well up there through all the talking and the prayer. Josiah and Asher did a good job, too. Josiah clung on to my leg the entire time (most if the time his face was buried in my legs) and Asher was hamming it up big time. At one point he bent over, looked through his legs and raised his arms in the air.
The passage we chose was Habukkuk 3:18,19. "I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be be joyful in God my Savior. God the Lord is my strength; He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, He enables me to go on the heights."

"Elijah" means "God is the Lord" in Hebrew
We liked this verse because we want him to know his strength and joy come from the matter where his life takes him, he can trust that God is with him, helping him and guiding him.

anyway, here are some pics...

The woman in the picture is Pat Croasmun, the director of Children's Ministry at church. She knows Elijah pretty well, which was special to us (:

More Quotables

"God, thank you for me not to jump on the beds and not to jump on mommy when she's in the bed that way. Help me not to say poop."

"Remember you said when mommies and daddies get married they can see each other's bodies?" (Josiah)

"Yes..." (mom)

"Well, mommies can't show little boys their feet." (Josiah)

"Are we eating beans?" (Asher)

"Yes" (mom)

"I don't like beans." (Asher)

"In this house sometimes we eat things that aren't our favorite." (mom)

"Well, I don't like this house." (Asher)

"God, help me not to touch the poo poo when I go potty and get my hands in it and wash myself off. Help me to not break my lizard's tail and bite off his head. Help me not push people over and push them and leave them on the ground."