Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Funnies

1) I had been resting on my bed when Josiah and Ansher ran into my room and crawled up close to me with their huge blankies over their heads. I giggled a little at Josiah then he giggled back. That made me laugh more which made him laugh more... we did this back and forth for a while then he sighs and says- with a serious face-, "I wonder what we're laughing about..."
I thought it was pretty cute...

2) Today Josiah was on my lap and he asks me "Mom, did God make everything?"
"How did He make us?"
"You know what I think? I think He grabbed some eyeballs out of a drawer then some eyelashes out of the other drawer then an arm out of the other one. Then he started our engines and put us in our families..."

3) The boys helped me with laundry today. You may or may not know that they have a somewhat unhealthy attachment to the homemade tassle blankies that Aunt Shauna made for them when they were babies... Anyway, they very reluctantly allowed me to take the blankies after I promised that I would give them back after they smelled better! They followed me down to the washer and cried when I put them in the water.
When it was time to put the load in the dryer, they ran downstairs with me and insisted on placing their blankies into the dryer themselves. They lovingly talked to their blankies...
"It's okay, 'Firefly,' you're going in the dryer. I love you. Mommy's not going to hurt you. I will wait for you..."
"It's okay, 'Baseball,' you need to go in there. I will hold you in my bed when you're done."

4) So, tonight Michael and I both tucked the boys into bed, told stories to them and snuggled for a while. Honestly, I was ready to get out of there and just spend sometime with Michael because he's been out of town for a week.
As I was getting up to leave the room, they both insisted that I cuddle with them a little longer. I don't even remember exactly what I said... something like, "It's time for bed now. You have each other and Jesus is with you."
Asher pops up and angrily says, "Mom, Jesus isn't real!! I want you to come in here!"

Saturday, April 11, 2009

drama in the gossenauer home

Part I:

Recently Elijah wandered into the living room and started pushing buttons on the radio (the radio is hooked up to 2 speakers). He turned the volume knob all the way up then pushed the power button. So all of a sudden there was the voice of some random man talking (really loud) through the stereo. All three boys started screaming and crying hysterically and it took me probably 15 minutes to calm them down.

Since that day Asher and Josiah will not go ANYWHERE in the house alone. They have to have a "buddy" to go with them everywhere (yes, even to go potty) because they are afraid of "the man talking in the living room." They won't go within 10 feet of a room that doesn't have the lights on.
So I guess we have been catapulted into a new phase of toddler fear that we weren't expecting...

Part II:

Today, Michael was talking to the boys about Jesus, asking them questions to see how much they understood about Him. With a little prodding, Josiah was able to answer some basic questions about who Jesus is, why He is important, and how He helps us. Asher listened intently until he suddenly said that he hoped when Jesus came in our door He wouldn’t be scared of “the man” on the radio. Michael told him that it was ok because Jesus wasn’t coming to our house, but He wanted to live in our hearts. Then Asher replied that he thought Jesus was going to knock on our door so He could come to our house. He then began singing *Jesus is knocking at your door, Jesus is knocking at your door, Oh, Children, why don’t you answer, Jesus is knocking at your door.* Then, with a laugh, Michael explained that it wasn’t the door to our house that He was knocking on but the door to our hearts, so He could live with us, forgive our sins, and help us.